Quick Fix for Scratched Hardwood Floors

Dear Chicago House,

You do have some beautiful hardwood floors, I didn’t really understand the fuss realtors made of them until I had them. Now I am smitten.

Yours are generally in very good condition…apart from one spot in the living room which I think must have been damaged by the moving guys when your previous owner moved out. Here they are annoying scratched.

But I remember reading once about a simple fix …rub the scratches with a walnut. Now I didn’t have any whole nuts in the house…just a packet of walnut pieces I occasionally use while baking, but they worked a treat.

Here is the same floor just two minutes later … nearly perfect

Now I thought this may be a five minute wonder and the scratches would reappear …but three weeks later and the floor still looks scratch free.

Long may they continue looking fab.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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