I need your help on words for String Art

Dear Chicago House,

Ooooh I am turning something over to the lovely readers of this blog today. Remember the String Art I reveal a while back. It was part of an impossible challenge and my aim was to produce some novel art work for your walls.
Well although I succeed in producing something I really loved,the choice of words I used “SEA & SAND” were far more appropriate to hang in the beachy room of the St Louis town house …so my success was marred with failure at producing nothing for your walls.

So I am going to make another…this time with words suitable for your walls and I asked your readers for some suggestions.

This is what they came up with.

So it’s time to vote lovely readers… Do any of these work or should I keep brain storming?
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Creative in Chicago


p.s Thanks to everyone who comments especially if you left an idea!

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11 thoughts on “I need your help on words for String Art

  1. I'm planning on making my own with the word PAZ! (peace in spanish)

    Feel free to borrow my idea since I'm borrowing yours…

    Lovely blog,

  2. I voted for Dream Big Things.

    But, it really depends on a few things. Is it for the foyer? Maybe "Wipe Your Feet." Is it for the WONDERFUL open room with the fireplace or another room with lots of view? "Maybe Lake Effect."

    Perhaps…This would be appropriate?
    "Dear Chicago House,"

    BTW, I am really considering doing a string art in rustic browns, mustards, ambers, for either the living room or bedroom. 🙂 You've inspired me! I'll go pin you so I don't forget.

    ~ Dana
    Cooking at Cafe D

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