Two reviews and the face behind the Creative in Chicago

Dear Chicago House,

I recently submitted this here little blog into a reader review process going on at Inspire me Heather and over the weekend  Heather sent me the two critiques.
Review 1
“I love your site, colors and layout. Very clean and easy to navigate. My only suggestion there would be to add a photo of yourself on the homepage (and maybe one of your face, if you’re not opposed?). As a reader, I feel like I connect with a blogger much faster when I can see who’s “talking” to me, know what I mean? Regarding content, I think it’s so clever and unique that your blog is “addressed” to your house. No one else really does that and I think it’s so special. I appreciate that your posts are short and sweet and easy to read quickly. I’d be more likely to stick around with posts like yours than long, wordy ones. I think your blog is great, and I want to be able to offer some kind of constructive criticism. 🙂 If I had to say something, I’d encourage you to try to connect more with your readers through your posts. Ask questions to encourage comments, link to other blogs, etc. Thanks so much for the chance to check out your sweet blog!”

Review 2
What I liked about their blog: 
Liked the color scheme, pretty colors! Liked that your header is thin (not taking up the screen too much) and I liked your social media buttons in your header. I liked you background (wallpaper?). I liked your before and afters page (and the how-to’s) and that it was thumbnails and I didn’t have to scroll through before and after labeled posts. Your blog was easy to navigate and well laid out! 

What I didn’t like about their blog: Do you really subscribe to all those “share” buttons at the bottom of your blog (not the ones in your posts)? I didn’t know what half of them were! Other than that, it’s a great blog and I’d come back to visit for sure! 

The whole review process was done anonymously so readers could be as honest as they like. So thank you to my reviewers, I really appreciate your comments and will be taking your suggestions on board.

Lets kick off with a photo introduction of “Creative in Chicago” …should I share with you my actual name?

As for those share buttons at the bottom of each post…there are there in case you’d like to share my posts on the listed social network site. I cetainly don’t subscribe to all of them…I’d never get any work done.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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