My teenager did all the Christmas decorating!

Dear Chicago House,

It’s beginning  to look a lot like Christmas round here, the Christmas tree is up, the mantle is decorated, we have some twinkly lights outside and there is even a duck in the freezer waiting to be cooked up for Christmas dinner.

Chicago teenager took it upon herself to do ALL of the decorating this year, while I was in shower she hauled the tree from the basement and by the time I had got downstairs she was well underway and wanted no help! I was happy to let her do the lot,she did a really fantastic job and even color coordinated the ornaments to match and compliment the decor of the room.

My favorite part of the tree are the little bird ornaments that she collected, every year I have bought an ornament of her choosing and birds became a big hit quite a few years ago.

Ooh and I like her whimsical treatment of the yucca in the entrance way.

Love from

Creative in Chicago

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One thought on “My teenager did all the Christmas decorating!

  1. Love the birds!
    Bonus having an industrious teen.
    Our younger son, who still lives at home, enjoys being the person to bring out the tree and get some of the decorations started.

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