Decorating with Yarn Balls: Tutorial

Everyone loved the Rope Balls I made recently but they can be a little tricky to make. So, for those who got frustrated with rope here is an much easier decorative ball to make, a simple yarn ball.

yarn balls decorating

I squished together some newspaper to make a sphere about the size of a tennis ball and simply wrapped the yarn around it. When it was completely covered I just tucked the end in and hey presto a pretty ball.

The beauty of these decorative accents is that you can select any color or texture of yarn to compliment your decor and here they are in a contemporary glass vase with those lovely rope balls.

yarn decorative balls
yarn balls decorating

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11 thoughts on “Decorating with Yarn Balls: Tutorial

  1. These would be fun for a little girl's party with a kitten theme! Love the rope balls. That looks like a monkey knot. I'll have to click over to the other post and check them out! Thanks for sharing!

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