Decorator Rope Balls


Here is my first bit of beach inspired decor, gorgeous textured rope balls.

They were in quite a few of the little gift shops I visited last week but at $10 a pop I thoughts I’d have a go at making them myself.

Thanks to this great video on YouTube I am now a master of the Monkey Fist knot!

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Creative in Chicago


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32 thoughts on “Decorator Rope Balls

  1. Lindsay, Rose and Heather thanks for the invites to your link parties.

    Jo at theCreativeCollage the centers of the larger balls are golf balls and the smaller balls marbles.

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments

  2. I love, love, love these textured rope balls!! I have been wondering what other little extras I can add to my decor and those may just be it. They add texture and style. Thanks for including the video. I'll see if I'm coordinated enough to do it! 🙂

  3. I'm so going to have to give these a whirl. I collect monkey fist knots, but never took the time to learn how to tie them. Or ask super knot master hubby to show me how. The ones you made are so fun! Adding you to my bloglist of blogs I'm reading this week. Great site!


  4. Before starting to wrap the ball, place a large rock or something heavy in the middle. Makes a great door stop that can be hung on the knob when not in use!!

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