I love Jugs

Dear Chicago House,

A jug, if you are from the UK like me, or a pitcher which I really should call them after living in the USA for 15 years. Whatever you call them I love jugs and have a small collection steadily growing without me ever really realizing. The strange thing is they are all white, blue or blue and white and are mainly used for vases.

These lovely ferns were cut from your beautiful summer garden during a grand garden tidy up (I seem to have to do one of those every week) and were just too good to toss on the compost heap. Pop them in a  white jug and you have a ready made tablescape.

This was taken in the dining room which I have yet “revealed” …it still has a quite revolting chandelier which needs whipping out and replacing with something more tasteful.

Love from

Creative in Chicago


P.S I have just realized that the title of this post might have drawn in some new visitors looking for entirely different “jugs” if so, sorry to disappoint.

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