DIY Wall Art

Dear Chicago House,

I don’t like to buy generic stuff to hang on your lovely walls, No IKEA or Home Goods art in here. I like everything on your walls to be unique. Call me a snob…that’s just the way I am! At the same time I refuse to splash out on one of a kind pieces so I am left in the land of “make it myself”. Luckily, it is a land where I am happy to be.

One of my favorite mediums to work in is chalk pastel, the vivid colors are just wonderful and my box is well used.

I like to work quickly and this jumble of tulips hangs in your master bedroom

While this little number graces a wall in the living room
And I am all for framing kid art, this chalk pastel princess, complete with crown and cape, was done by my daughter when she was 10. It hangs in your guest bedroom which I have yet to reveal!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


p.s. My camera has a serious distortion issue…time to splurge on a new one I think

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