A Treasure in the Basement : Archived Artwork

Dear Chicago House,

Yesterday was dark and drizzly here so I decided to make a start on the art room in the basement. This has had no TLC since I moved in and is really not a very inspiring place to “create”


However I got very little done as I became completely consumed with an old portfolio I had stashed in one of your cupboards.
It was filled with old paintings I did as a teenager, I will share those with you another day, but  one in particular caught my eye because accompanying it was a photo, of me, aged about 17, in the process of painting it!

I was copying from an image in a magazine you can see stuck on the wall, I don’t know why it never got finished.

Also if you look at the top center of the photo you will see a pot filled with pencils ..this is the very pot I recently photographed with my polymer clay covered pens.

I will try harder the next time I plan to makeover the art room!

Love From

Creative in Chicago


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