Town House Master Bedroom: Before and After

Dear St Louis House,

I spent a week with you last week and in that time I managed to paint both of your bedrooms, install curtain rods, hang and hem curtains, construct 6 pieces of Ikea furniture, hang 11 pictures and even managed to stain your deck. Whew I am a little tired this week.

So lets do a little sharing. Here is your master bedroom before, brown walls and a very sad disheveled bed.

And with the flick of my paint brush and a wave of my magic Ikea wand.

and in case you are interested here is a breakdown.

  • Wall color: Behr: Aqua Breeze (I selected the paint /primer option and the room still needed two coats)
  • Night Stands: Ikea Hemnes
  • Bedding: A duvet cover I already had, with the heat and humidity in St Louis it doesn’t have a duvet in in yet!
  • Pillows: Covers from Ikea: Henny
  • Curtains: Ikea: Merete
  • Curtain Rods: Kmart
  • Art Work: A set of vintage British seaside posters

I have a bit more work to do on the side of the room I haven’t photographed but I think you are coming along very nicely. I’ll be back soon to finish you off!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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5 thoughts on “Town House Master Bedroom: Before and After

  1. Painting the trim. I have to do it. I've been told it will hurt my resale value, so I'm scared. I'm a transplant from the south to Nebraska and they act like you've committed a sin to paint trim so I've held off.. Your's looks so nice.

  2. This is the color I want for my bedroom!

    Are you sure you have the paint name correct? On my monitor it looks more like Behr's Rain Water, not Rain Drop. On the paint chart Rain Drop looks more like a pale periwinkle. Of course, I could very well be wrong.

  3. Love the room! This is the blue I want for my bedroom. Are you sure you have the paint name correct? It looks very much like Behr's Rain Water, not Rain Drop. My Rain Drop chart looks more pale periwinkle. Maybe it's just my monitor.

  4. Holly…you are right I did get the paint color wrong. It is Behr Aqua Breeze. I have used it again and again ( see this post ) but this was the first room to get a coat of this wonderful color…going to correct the blog post now. Thanks for spotting this error!

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