A master bedroom makeover: in progress

Dear Chicago House,

Do you remember how brown makes me frown? Well your master bedroom had that smile well and truly upside down. But I fret no longer, take a look at this before and after. I am a little mean, the before picture features all the yuckiness of your previous owner.

As with everything within your walls it is work in progress but I can breathe in this room now. Just look at the wonderful natural light flooding in there.
So lets take a closer look at all your former browness.

Heavy drapes – gone. I plan to treat the windows with roman blinds to maximize the wonderful light in this room you have been hiding from.

Shag pile carpet- gone and replaced with a light and lovely short piled carpet

Brown trim- gone and now a  fresh white

Brown walls – gone and given a fresh coat of the softest blue.

Weird bi fold doors- gone and waiting in the garage to be recycled

Tiny weeny closet doors – gone, I mean how could my 6’1″ husband squeeze through those to get his shirts. Your two closets have been knocked into one huge walk-in which is accessed by a double doors, and no more of those cruddy louvered doors.

Are you breathing with me Chicago house?

Love from

Creative in Chicago


p.s there has been further progress on this room, check it out here

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5 thoughts on “A master bedroom makeover: in progress

  1. Looking good! Love what you did with the closet space. I would never have thought of that. Makes more sense this way. I imagine it will be much easier to work with now on the decorating end.

  2. I am working on a master bedroom and have use a very similar wall color! Navy & White as well. It to was so dark. Good work! -Dee-

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