A living room makeover

Dear Chicago House,

Oooh look how mightly brown and boring your were, brown walls, brown trim and so dark there are lights on on the lovely sunny day this photo was taken.  Don’t you just love those swags and drapes on your windows … NOT.

I wave my magic make over wand and abracadabra, hey presto. Here is a little peek at the room in progress.

Ahhhh, look at that loveliness that you were hiding. I am undecided what your windows need. Less is more I am thinking.

It takes me so much longer to complete a room than I ever imagined but if I held out and shared photos of the completed perfect room, you would never see anything!

Love from

Creative in Chicago


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One thought on “A living room makeover

  1. Wow! What a dramatic change!! It's amazing how much more light comes in now after removing those heavy drapes. The hardwood floors are gorgeous, too! Nice job.

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