Color Pop

Dear Chicago House,

I think you know by now that I like a bit of color here and there. There is nothing worse than a room void of color. I have a pop of color in my office today. What do you think these lovelies are?

  • Rolls of wallpaper?
  • Fabulous gift wrap?
  • Swatches of fabric?


Wrong ,wrong and wrong again!

They are pens.

Don’t they just make you want to pick one up and write a letter to a long lost friend? They are super easy and fun to make, stay tuned for a step by step tutorial later this week. ( here is the step by step “how to”)

Love from

Creative in Chicago


p.s you can vote for this project at HGTV 

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5 thoughts on “Color Pop

  1. Yep, your pens are very nice but I think you are smart to switch to the more expensive twist pens. It's always a shame to throw a clayed pen away when the ink runs out.

    You can buy the kits from Larry has 3 finishes to choose from and the pens are really really nice. Everyone loves them. Not only are they fun to clay but they also write nicely. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Creative in Chicago,

    You don't need to throw the pens away when tney run out, you just pull the ink part out of your pen and replace it with a new one. You can use your clayed pen cover over and over again.

  3. penn state is better and you can get a whole lot more ideas to use for polymer, even if it is originally for wood

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