Painting Paneling

Dear Chicago House,

Ohhhh your basement is looking so much better already. I have painted just a single section and although it is a lot of effort you are going from horrible dungeon to a delightful den.


Here is what I am doing to de-dungeon you.

  1. Wiping down your dusty walls and removing any nails
  2. Masking areas I want to protect with blue painters tape.
  3. Priming with Kilz primer. Because of the deep groves in your paneling I am using a combination of roller and brush. I have to say your walls do not look very good when I have finished the priming coat. You look all blotchy and unhappy. The primer helps the paint to stick and stops your yucky browness bleeding through.
  4. Top coating. I hoped to get away with a single coat of egg shell finish simple white latex paint, but you wanted more. It took a total of three coats to make you happy.
  5. Patching. You had all sorts of holes and voids along the joint seams that were just not apparent in your “brown state”. I filled then with spackle (the pink stuff that turns white when it dries is great) and touched up with more paint. You are all smiles now

You are going to be fun when I have finished.

Love from

Creative in Chicago

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