My got to go list

Dear Chicago House,

You have lovely bones and I plan to make you into a light an airy home. There are some things that you have held onto for too long that just have to go.

  1. All your brown trim. 
  2. Brown, beige, taupe wall color.
  3. All of your louver doors.
  4. A spectacularly cheap looking ceramic tile in the entrance hall.
  5. A basement paneled 1970’s style that feels like a dungeon. 
  6. Funky faux beams in the sunroom
  7. The shag pile carpet up the stairs and in all the bedrooms.
  8. Every single one of your window treatments. I don’t care that they cost the previous owner thousands of dollars. They are hideous.
  9. The two tiny closets in the master bedroom. I have a cunning plan to remedy this.
  10. Revolting light fixtures in the dining room, entrance hall and landing.
  11. Dated yucky door hardware
  12. I am sure there is a lot more I will find on my journey

Love From

Creative in Chicago

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