Oct 15, 2012

From wood scrap to beautiful fish

Dear Chicago House,

In your garage was a scrap of wood, a scrap of wood that became a beautiful fish sculpture.

I'd like to take credit but I can't. That all goes to Chicago teenager who not only got busy with hand tools but  also painted this beautiful abstract pattern creating a one of a kind fish sculpture.

To make one here is what you will need

  • A piece of scarp wood. The piece she used was left overs from a deck board repair  2 by 4 and about 12" long.
  • Hand saw
  • Sand paper
  • Acrylic craft paints
What next?

  • With a pencil, draw a very simple fish shape on your wood - avoid curved lines as these are difficult to cut with a hand saw. Straight lines work best.
  • Get busy with that hand saw and cut along your lines - this was hard work and did require a little assistance from Mr Chicago's muscles!
  • Once you have the basic fish shape sand the wood really creating rounded edges and a nice smooth surface for painting
  • Using acrylic craft paint create any abstract pattern you like...triangles really work well

Love from

Creative in Chicago



  1. Your Creative in Chicago teen is so super creative!



  2. Love the fish! The colours are beautiful, and the abstract design makes it fun & funky :-)