Feb 15, 2012

Decorating a home office: Progress

Dear Chicago House,

Whew, boy did I ache when I had finished painting your office last week. Would you like a sneak peak of how it is looking today. I have a lot more to do like adding a gallery of art and putting up a floating shelf but already it feels so much better.

Bye bye to
  • Dark wood trim
  • Beige walls
  • dark stained built-ins
  • More horrible window treatments
Hello to
  • Crisp white trim
  • White built-ins
  • Soft blue walls (Aqua Breeze from Behr)
  • Naked windows!
Remember how you used to be?

I can't wait to get going and make you complete, it is going to take time as I am snowed under with work as The Chicago web designer and also dealing with web design companies that have stolen my testimonials (I "out" them on my testimonial thieves wall of shame ..ha , don't mess with me! )

Love from

Creative in Chicago



  1. that is a wonderful color of blue! and those bookshelves on either side of the window are just begging for a window seat!

    1. Salla a window seat would be fabulous...but there is a vent right where it would go and this room is on the cold side so I need all the heat I can get!

  2. It looks beautiful! Love that shade of blue.

  3. I'm in love with that room! Such fabulous architectural details ...


  4. Wowee! So light and bright and cheery. Looks ilke a pic from BHG. Nice job!


  5. What a major difference!!! Love the color, Paint Sister! The built ins and trim look so good...wow, this was a lot of work for you! I feel bad complaining about painting my little bathroom now...

    1. Don't feel bad about complaining I think bathrooms are the worst rooms to paint..small and so many areas to cut in, give me huge expansive walls any day